Charlie: I’ll be fine, Claire. Now you’ve gotta promise me something. While I’m gone, don’t worry about me.

Claire: Okay. 


my heart is beating in a different way→ a charlie/claire mix because i hate myself 

someday you will be loved - death cab for cutie | i wouldn’t mind - HE IS WE | oceans - coasts | fire - ingrid michaelson | save me- gotye | paperweight - joshua radin & schuyler fisk | sorrow- the national | oats in the water - ben howard | missing - the xx | ghosts that we knew - mumford & sons | wonderwall - ryan adams



Never ending list of my favorite ships » Charlie/Claire

"I’m slipping into the abyss and then, I see her. A woman. Blonde. Rapturously beautiful. And I know her. We’re together. It’s like we’ve always been and always will be. This feeling.. this love."


My favourite ships redo - [x]

Charlie and Claire - “I remember peanut butter”

I’m not giving up on you either, Charlie. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay. We’ll get through this together.

kissing was fun.